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          Welcome to WerkMaster – Manufacturer of Products, Systems & Solutions for Concrete, Stone, Terrazzo, Hardwood, Vinyl Restoration & Refinishing.

          Look no further than WerkMaster for award-winning floor grinding machines. Our company has all the equipment you’ll need for everything from surface preparation to floor refinishing. Machines are ideal for concrete, terrazzo, stone, and hardwood surfaces. We stand out from the rest thanks to our machine’s ability to get up to 1/8 inch to the wall when refinishing any surface. This means you won’t have to get on your hands and knees with a small tool to refinish the edge of a room. We carry products for residential, retail, commercial, and industrial applications.

          Our company committed itself to providing professional care and service, exceptional quality craftsmanship, and specialized solutions. Get a quote today from WerkMaster; the home of award-winning floor grinding machines.

          WerkMaster Machines

          Gator on it's on with polisher
          WerkMaster Scarab - Handheld Grinder & Polisher
          WerkMaster The Edge - Concrete Grinder, Polisher & Edger
          WerkMaster RASP - Hardwood Floor Sander
          WerkMaster Miroir - Stone Grinder & Polisher
          Razor Hardwood Floor Sander
          Cobra Concrete Grinder & Polisher
          WerkMaster Titan XT Commercial Grinder & Polisher
          WerkMaster Titan XT Propane - Commercial Grinder & Polisher
          WerkMaster Colossos XT Propane - Industrial Grinder & Polisher
          WerkMaster Colossos XTX - 10 Head, Industrial Grinder & Polisher

          Systems & Solutions

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